Opening of my solo exhibition I LOVE JaNY at Taidehalli Studio in Helsinki. Jany Tomba attended the opening! Curated by Suvi Saloniemi.


Cover story in Helsingin Sanomat NYT supplement magazine on my aunt Jany Tomba and myself due to my upcoming exhibition I LOVE JaNY at the Taidehalli Studio, Helsinki.

Marita Muukkonen will show my work at the Alternative north - Aspects of contemporary art in scandinavia. Hafnarhús – Symposium beside other contemporary artists from Finland.

Nina Gaul in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will keep a work shop to student of Oi Kabum! Escola de Arte e Tecnologia and will introduce my projects made while in Rio during this Summer.


The new issue of NEXT LEVEL Magazine, #21 (Zurich Issue) features my work.

21.10.2010 at 7:00 PM at the Helsinki Klub, Geroldstrasse 35, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland:
Swiss Rentyhorn book release and book signing with Hans Fässler and me.

Research trip to Residence Botkyrka in Sweden. Invited by Botkyrka Konstall.

Our exhibition in São Paulo got extended until 30.10.2010:
(T)races of Louis Agassiz: Photography, Body and Science, Yesterday and Today curated by Capacete Entretenimentos on the occasion of the 29th São Paulo Biennial 2010. The opening hours are: Wednesday-Saturday from 3:00-8:00 PM. Teatro de Arena, Rua Dr. Teodoro Baíma, 94, São Paulo.


Presentation of my artwork at the Museum Paço das Artes to students of the Escola de Comunicação e Artes (ECA) of the University of São Paulo by lecturer and artist Daniela Castro.

16.9.2010 at 6:00-8.30 PM:
Launch of the online exhibition Photo Paradigm by Culture Gallery at Simon Preston Gallery, 31 Broome Street, Lower East Side, NYC.
Curated by Karen E. Jones. Culture Gallery is a digital showcase of contemporary creators based in Finland.


27.8.2010, 7:00-9:00 PM, Cable Factory, Helsinki.
Opening of the 6th ART FAIR SUOMI.
I'm presenting my new work: 'Trophy', Metal staples on birch wood, 120 x 150 cm. It depicts a skull of a Rhino from Africa.

26.8.2010, 8:00 PM, Teatro de Arena, Rua Dr. Teodoro Baíma, 94, São Paulo.
The exhibition opening and book launch of: (T)races of Louis Agassiz: Photography, Body and Science, Yesterday and Today with lectures by Maria Helena P. T. Machado, John M. Monteiro and me. Curated by Capacete Entretenimentos on the occasion of the 29th São Paulo Biennial 2010.
The exhibition period is from 26.8.–25.9.2010. The opening hours are: Wednesday-Saturday from 3:00-8:00 PM.


Press Release of the "De-mounting Louis Agassiz" Committee:

In their letter dated end of July 2010, the three communities who share the Agassizhorn summit (Grindelwald BE, Guttannen BE, Fieschertal VS) have rejected the petition to have the Swiss Alpine peak of 3953 metres above sea level renamed. 2500 men and women from all over the world had voiced that demand because in the 19th century Agassiz was one of the champions of the so-called "scientific" racism and a pioneering thinker of apartheid, who had commissioned the photo of Renty, a slave from the Congo, to be taken, in order to prove the "inferiority of the black race". The "De-mounting Louis Agassiz" committee, who had demanded the renaming since May 2007, is sadly disappointed by this decision and particularly deplores that even the submitted compromise of giving the name of "Rentyhorn" to an unknown peak in the vicinity of Agassizhorn has not met with the approval of the Oberland communal authorities.
     The De-mounting Louis Agassiz committee accepts this decision, which has been taken in a democratically correct manner. During the so-called "round table talks" between representatives of the committee and the authorities from the Bernese Oberland in September 2010, the idea of an exhibition in the local history museum introducing the general public to the "dark side" of Louis Agassiz was put forward by the Mayor of Grindelwald. The committee would very much like to get back at this proposition and is inclined to take up work on such a venture in the months and years to come, an exhibition which could notably also be shown in Guttannen and Fieschertal.
     In the meantime, the racism of Louis Agassiz has definitely become an international issue. The Swiss-Haitian artist Sasha Huber has exhibited in Helsinki's museum of contemporary art Kiasma her project "Rentyhorn", for which she symbolically renamed the peak and in whose context she has edited the book Rentyhorn (ISBN 978-951-53-3267-7). These days she will exhibit at the program curated by Capacete on the occasion of the 29th São Paulo Biennial her latest photographic work Agassiz: The Mixed Traces Series as well as the video Louis Who?. Moreover, she co-edited the book (T)races of Louis Agassiz: Photography, Body and Science, Yesterday and Today (ISBN 978-85-63537-02-7) together with Brazilian historian Maria Helena P. T. Machado, with texts both in English and Portuguese. For the first time ever, the book will print some forty of the photographs which Louis Agassiz had commissioned during his journey to Brazil in 1865-66 in order to prove – just like in the case of the South Carolina daguerreotypes – the "inferiority of the black race" and the mixing of races, which to Agassiz was the most repulsive of ideas. These photographs are as well part of the exhibition.

The Rentyhorn book was part of the artist book exhibition Volume Collection curated Nemanja Cvijanovic at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice.

Artist-In-Residence at Capacete in São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I will be working on a new book, an exhibition project and research in collaboration with Maria Helena P. T. Machado and Petri Saarikko.

16.7.2010, 5:30-9:00 PM
Acid Rain Productions invited my Rentyhorn video to the Gallery Crawl which will be hosted by the Future Tenant Gallery in Pittsburgh, USA.


28.5.2010 at 5:00-6.30 PM, Kiasma seminar room, Helsinki, Finland
I'm happy to announce that Hans Fässler will be coming to Helsinki to give a lecture named: What's in a name? Louis Agassiz, his mountain and the politics of remembrance. After his lecture we will launch the Rentyhorn book that will be published by Kiasma. You can mail me your contact if you wish to get an invitation mail about this.


During April I will be working on my new project in NYC for my upcoming exhibition at the Taidehalli Studio space in Helsinki, Finland in December 2010.


We Make Money Not Art published a nice feature about Rentyhorn.

26.3.2010 – 20.2.2011
IT'S A SET-UP, Kiasma collection exhibition, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland
Welcome to the opening reception: 25.3.2010 from 6-8 pm.

I am invited to give an artist's talk at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.


Petri and I will attend the Re-thinking Diaspora symposium, part of the Afro Modern - Global Exhibitions - Contemporary Art and the African Diaspora exhibition at Tate Liverpool.

Acid Rain Production presents my Rentyhorn video work during February. ARP is a televised video-art series and an unique venue for contemporary video work that reaches over 100'000 households and businesses in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel HIll region.


The Finnish online magazine fifi/voima invited me to write about the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on 12.1.2010. There is an English translation here.

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